Want to influence the nations through prayer?

Nations Prayer exists to provide relevant prayer requests from individuals living in the harvest field to the praying church! Our desire is to mobilize prayer, activate unity in the body of Christ and partner the intercessors with the evangelists to see the Kingdom of Heaven advanced.

How it Works:

We cover around 100 teams who are located all over the world. Every day we highlight two areas and rotate through the teams represented who send us real time prayer requests for what is happening that week in their location. Join us by praying for these current prayer requests and let us know you have prayed by clicking the “I prayed!” button.

Check out The Nations page to see the current prayer requests for the highlighted teams this week!

If you would like to receive these prayer requests to your email inbox, click the subscribe page and sign up to receive an email per each area selected.

Prayer Areas:

  • Monday:

    • North Africa

    • Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Tuesday:

    • East Asia

    • Southeast Asia Buddhist

  • Wednesday:

    • Middle East

    • South Asia

  • Thursday:

    • Southeast Asia Muslim Islands

    • Southeast Asia Muslim Peninsula

  • Friday:

    • Europe Gathering

    • Europe House to House

  • Saturday:

    • Latin America

  • Sunday:

    • North America

Help us mobilize prayer for the laborers in the harvest

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